We are a leading Manufacturer of Ultra Distructive Vinyl Labels from Delhi, India..

Ultra Distructive Vinyl Labels

Ultra Destructible Vinyl labels are a kind of tamper evident labels with anti-counterfeiting feature of strong adhesive and frangible facestocks. Attempt to remove will result in the label breaking into small fragments. This Label cannot be transferred and Discourage theft, tampering or transfer. Skylark Labels are manufacturer of ultra destructible vinyl in India for more than 15 years. We welcome enquiries for custom destrucitble labels.

Ultra Destructible Labels are great for use on electronic equipment, appliances, computers, Mobiles, laptops and instrumental repairs when you need to prevent undetected access.

Ultra Destructible Labels cannot be switched to another piece of equipment without tamper detection being evident.

We can print your company name/logo as per your requirement. We make Destructive Labels in a variety of sizes and shapes such as Circle, oval, square for barcode labels, assets labels, warranty seal etc.


We are known as the foremost manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a high quality range of Stickers, Tags, Holograms, Omni-Directional Scanners, Bar-code Scanners/Printers, Ribbons (Thermal Transfer Ribbons), Labels, etc.

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