Automobile Labels


Skylark Labels one of the foremost automotive label manufacturers in India. We are ISO 9001:2015 approved self-adhesive labels manufacturer based in Noida.

Automotive Labels

As one of the leading custom self adhesive labels printers in India, we have been doing sticker printing jobs for several top auto companies in India and abroad.

The automotive labels are classified as weatherproof, oil resistant and for Batteries. All cars require numerous extreme performance, long-lasting automotive labels with inbuilt security features since duplication of car parts is on a rise. We provide security labels like security inks, holograms, numbering and security face stocks as anti counterfeit solutions.

These printed labels can withstand temperature variations and different environmental conditions. The self adhesive labels we usually have very strong gumming and strong face surface resulting in weather proof and car fluid resistant pressure sensitive labels. These weather proof labels are manufactured using the best label printing technology (flexographic label printing) .The custom automotive labels / synthetic labels are manufactured to meet the customer requirements.

Automotive Labels are used in the automotive and automotive ancillaries industry mainly for

Latest trends in consumer Electronic labeling Industry

  • Serial numbering.
  • Labeling of batteries and tyres.
  • Glasses and wind shield labeling.
  • Air bag and seat labels.
  • Under bonnet stickers.

Latest Trends and Types In Automotive Labels

  • PP labels , PVC labels , PE labels.
  • Security labels using Holographic adhesive labels printing.
  • UV Varnished printed labels in roll form.
  • Sticker printing using Security inks like thermo chronic inks.
  • Custom automotive labels.