Thermal Transfer Labels


Skylark Labels is a leading market name in thermal labels, label manufacturing /sticker printing in India. We are popularly known for self adhesive label printing and are accredited label suppliers /sticker manufacturers based in Noida.

Thermal Labels are available in two types

The use of thermal ribbons in printers for labels, creates a requirement for thermal label transfers. This method of printing uses heat to transfer the print on to a label from the ribbon, finally producing an image that becomes the label. The sorts of ribbons used in this process of printing labels, include wax resin ribbons, wax thermal ribbons or resin thermal ribbons. There are technologies available under which no thermal ribbon is required for carrying out the label printing process.

Skylark Labels, as thermal label manufacturers in India, understand that label buyers may have different needs according to the infrastructure that they house. Which is why we ensure that our labels are made for printers that use thermal ribbons as well as those that do not. We fulfill the needs of our clients with our diverse range in labels. With different shapes, sizes and strength in adhesion, we cater to the every demand of our clients.

Our state of the art machinery and technical standing is unmatched in the industry and makes us a favourite among buyers of labels. With our international quality and standards we easily make ourselves at par with the German label manufacturers. Our love for hygiene and cleanliness, we put in our best in our manufacturing processes, which is seen in our air-conditioned manufacturing units.

We at Skylark Labels, take our technical processes seriously so that we may be able to provide our customers with nothing less than the best. Our expertise and know how in our job dates a long way back and this is what gives our products an edge over the others. We proudly stand among the best thermal label manufacturers in India and have won hearts with our love for professionalism.

Applications of thermal labels

  • Bar Coding for barcode labels
  • Serial Numbering of sticker labels
  • Product Identification by custom labels
  • Stock Control by thermal printed stickers.