Barcode Ribbon


These ribbons are not only specially designed to ensure optimum performance but it is also continuously tested to ensure maximum print performance from your Label printer, and longevity from your print head. Choose from our stock of resin, wax/resin and wax ribbons.

"Resin" is ideal for extreme conditions such as asset labelling due to the unique resistance to most solvents including alcohol, oils, fats, etc while "wax/resin" is a general-purpose ribbon which contains some wax, thereby enabling it to be resistant to some solvents. The "wax" ribbon is ideal as a low-cost solution for relatively rougher media surface printing. Best of all, Our ribbons even come in a variety of colours to match your media application needs.

WAX THERMAL RIBBONSRB wax thermal ribbon is a premium wax grade, enhanced especially for maximum print performance. High carbon content guarantees a crisp, sharp black image - so crucial for the printing of graphic, text and barcodes. RB wax ribbon is a general-purpose ribbon that provides users with an economic alternative that is especially effective on low-cost paper media that has a rougher surface RB wax thermal ribbons have been developed to provide maximum performance upon a broad range of coated and plain paper.

The ribbon is ideal for printing on labels made with non-coated papers like chromo art, coated papers like thermal papers, coated and non coated tags. Image density, edge definition combined with a low energy release combine to deliver a rock-solid solution for today's markets. WAX RESIN THERMAL RIBBON wax resin grade of thermal ribbon is designed to work with flat head technology printers, providing perfect print performance. Wax Resin is a high-end solution, particularly suited to the high-volume segment of labelling, providing versatility over a broad range of both film media and paper.

A more general purpose ribbon, combines resin and wax to deliver excellent print quality on a wide range of paper and synthetic media. Because it contains some wax, it is only moderately resistant to solvents. These ribbons are ideal for printing on coated and non-coated paper labels and tags, low end synthetic tags. RESIN THERMAL RIBBONS RB high performance resin ribbon works with almost all flat head thermal transfer printers operating in industrial conditions. RB resin ribbon produces extremely durable labels when combined with top-coated synthetic media and is recommended for extreme conditions, such as asset labeling. It is resistant to most solvents, including alcohol, oils, fats, petroleum, haloid and aromatic.

Resin is another premium solution best suited here high durability is of paramount importance. offering exceptional versatility over an enormous range of synthetic, polyester and paper media. WASH CARE RIBBONS RB high performance pure resin ribbons for giving durable wash care instructions on taffeta and satin whether coated on non-coated. The prints are smudge and scratch resistant and can handle harsh washing and dry cleaning processes. The ideal application is for textile and garment labels.